Voters have already said no


For a group of people in the business of quality education the Gladstone Board of Education falls short of it when trying to inform the taxpayers.

Mr. Caron was exactly right about the greed in requesting a November millage and then a second try in February. In my opinion greed was back in February 2012 when they could have given taxpayers a break, but noooo! They had to have the whole $7 million! (After all, architects had already been hired.) Now, surprise, new mills, and taxpayers are not so sure or benevolent or informed. “Overwhelming” was the surprise to read it on my absentee ballot without any prior information.

If I thought for a second that a very small portion of this new request included cable broadcast of board meetings so all residents get accurate, timely, first hand facts on all expenditures, procedures, plans and opinions for the entire school district as originally presented to the board, then I just might be persuaded to listen to a second round of “information” from board members.

February is fast approaching, better get to it.

Dorothy A. Bielik