‘I believe in you’ — Words that have an impact

MENOMINEE – This phrase is used by teachers, parents, co-workers, and friends. It is maybe simple but can have a major impact in another’s life. So much power and feeling are melded into these few words that have altered many lives. These altered courses may never be witnessed by the givers, but to those that have been affected, their testimonial is the fact.

You see the essence of this phrase sends the message of caring, confidence, and compassion in others.

Caring – By sincerely taking the time talking to a person (face to face) and emphasizing how much they mean to you.

Confidence – This is about trust in another person in their ability to accomplish so many things, and providing that positive encouragement.

Compassion – The understanding of the struggles that the individual has while attempting to accomplish their goal.

As I mentioned above, the only way we can measure our impact on others is when we receive their testimonial. A good example is as follows:

A true story of an educator working with a student comes to mind. The educator had received an invitation from a former student to attend her high school graduation. Written in the invitation was how much that educator had influenced her life with a barrage of constant encouragement to never give up and to set goals. This belief in this girl enabled her to persevere and graduate.

So, as we begin to set our resolutions, why not resolve to make one that you can give to others: your belief in them. All it takes is your time and it will make a meaningful difference in others’ lives. I believe that you can do this, and so does He.

Dan Paul is the administrator at Menominee Catholic Central Elementary School. His columns, which explore family relationships, are published monthly in Lifestyles.