Gun letter had false assertions


This in response to Mr. Carlson’s Dec. 28 letter and everyone else who has limited or little knowledge of firearms, the firearms industry or shooting sports. 500 words is not enough to cover the myriad of false assertions made by Mr. Carlson.

First, it is not about “desiring” more than what your weapon can hold. A weapon can hold as many rounds as it was designed for. Simply put, some are more and some are less. A firearm is a mechanical device, a tool which is used for various hunting, shooting sports, personal protection and even the Olympics. It is not a weapon to kill as you put it. It can be lethal, when not used properly. Anything else in your home can be lethal when not used properly.

Second, some states allow for using magazines which hold 5, 10, 20 or even 30 rounds, however, Michigan already has restrictions on how many rounds you can have in a firearm for hunting purposes. There are many shooting sports which require a higher capacity magazine, so singling out a 30 round magazine, as you did, was inaccurate. Other states allow for larger magazine capacity usage, depending on the animal they are hunting. By your logic, we should ban high capacity magazines. The reality is only criminals will have them.

Third, while target shooting at a range, many participants use higher capacity magazines so they can keep the line running smoothly and don’t have to constantly reload their firearm. How else could anyone practice for the many shooting sports that are enjoyed by millions of “law abiding” citizens?

Fourth, you failed to understand history and the law. The U.S. Supreme Court has made decisions to “take our guns away other than to use reasonable cause.” I use the quotes to emphasize that reasonable cause has nothing to do with your reference to the U.S. Supreme Court. Read U.S. v. Miller and other similar decisions.

Fifth, I know for a fact that you will change your mind about never wanting to have a “loaded gun” in a school building the minute a “criminal” walks into that school with a gun and is hell bent on doing harm to anyone who gets in their way. Your assertion that it only installs fear in children is patently incorrect. Maybe some of the shootings you’ve read about could have been minimized or even stopped, had someone with a gun, confronted the cowardly criminal at the onset.

Lastly, the 2nd Amendment guarantees our ability to protect ourselves, each other, our country, our 1st Amendment rights, along with all of the others rights we have.

Why else would it be the 2nd and the shortest? No open mind will save you from someone who is intent on doing you or your loved ones harm.

Tim DeClaire