Use common sense in gun issues

This letter was sent to Senators Stabenow and Levin and Rep. Benishek.

– – –

The subject of gun control has again come to the forefront as a result of a couple of recent tragedies. I respectfully ask that in your position, you exercise some common sense with regard to all the hype being put forth.

“Ban the assault weapons!” is a popular battle cry. In reality, fully automatic assault weapons have been banned since the early 1930s unless you apply for a permit with BATAF, and pay a $200 fee. The weapons the media and a lot of politicians refer to as “assault” weapons are nothing more than semi-automatic rifles with a black composite stock instead of a wooden one. The fact that they have a pistol grip, flash suppressor, or bayonet lug has absolutely nothing to due with their capability for firepower.

Registering all firearms in a national data base is the first step in confiscation. I know everyone in the administration will claim confiscation is not part of the agenda. If that is true, then why do it? None of the weapons used in the recent mayhem were used by their owners, so nothing would have been prevented with a “national registration.”

The bottom line is: There are more than enough laws on the books currently to cover the aspects of firearm control. Only law abiding citizens obey the laws, and it would not have made an ounce of difference in the outcome of the recent incidents to have had more “gun laws” on the books.

To a man, everyone of the recent atrocities was committed by a person with mental health issues and who was on some type of mind altering drug. Therein lies the real issue. Sane people don’t use weapons of any kind to randomly kill people.

Address the issues of declining mental health care over the past several years, the declining morality of this nation as a whole, and the acceptance of extreme violence in the entertainment industry and you will be on the way to solving the problem.

I am concerned that what will actually happen is the folks in Washington will ram through some ban, or register or restrict gun laws in the fashion of the health care and fiscal cliff bill which no one read before voting on them. I would hope that in your position of representing your constituents you would not jump on that band wagon and actually put some serious thought into solving the problem of gun violence by targeting the perpetrator, not the firearm.

Les Srnka