Understanding science


Re: Matthew Gay n response to ‘What about Bush Cheney’

It’s hard to make a point to someone that doesn’t understand science. I don’t understand your position about “what we can do for our country, not what our country can do for us.” We are the country, we the people, and what we are doing for our country is making it a better place for all its citizens, not just a select few.

This select few only understand “I”, “me”, and “mine”, its never we or us. You seem to forget almost all citizens pay taxes, depending on their available resources.

Now, lets try science, apparently something quite foreign to you. Global warming has pretty much been determined to be true, about 90 percent of climatologists agree, that we have accelerated its pace, because of all the CO2 we pump into the environment.

This has been verified by the test drilling of ice core samples in the Antarctic ice sheet and knowing how much CO2 is in those samples and at what period of time. This isn’t your opinion, which you’re entitled to, this is science. Here’s the point I’m trying to make. Storm Sandy is just a preview of what’s to come and how that will impact the future and cost to the next generation. The current debt crisis needs to be fixed, but that won’t compare to what the cost of the rising sea level will be due to global warming. It seems to me the RW’ers can’t see what’s happening because of their tunnel vision and short memories and love of the almighty dollar. They believe “let the future generations deal with it, don’t plan on using my dollars”

Robert Archambeau

Cape Coral