Michigan’s drug law


Do you know? Do you know that Michigan is the only state of the 50 states that you cannot sue pharmaceutical company for issuing a bad drug? I found this out when I called one of the 800 numbers I saw on TV and was told I did not qualify. When Engler was governor in 1995, he and the Republicans in office decided the drug companies should be protected from being sued.

Now Michigan stands alone in its protection laws and everyone else in the country can receive compensation for a bad drug, but the citizens of Michigan. In November of 2007, a bill was introduced to repeal this law (HB4044) it died in committee. Sen. Bieda introduced Bill 936 this past year to end this Drug Immunity Law. Thanks to Randy Richardsville, this bill was ignored by committee; and it also was subsequently dropped and now has to be re-submitted all over again. I have contacted Rep. Casperson several times about this and was told that he would call me, he never seems to have the time to pick up the phone. I am going to keep on calling our representatives until I can get this back on the table.

Rosemarie Hall