A loss of one of our freedoms


The recent shooting of all those beautiful children in Connecticut is very heart wrenching and occurrences of this sort that have been happening far to frequently leaves people of my generation puzzled as to what has happened to produce so many of these brain addled, zombie looking, psychopathic killers that are committing these horrendous acts. (I’m 80).

The answer seems too simple to just blame violent movies, hours on end of shooting people on the video games and the media in general? Or is it the use of drugs that has affected the way the brain works? It’s beyond me what the causes are, I only know that life is different in today’s society than in my early life.

A gun is an inanimate object whether it is empty, has five rounds in it or 25, by itself it can’t hurt anyone, in the wrong hands it can kill just as well as other inanimate objects such as cars, knives, hammers, screwdrivers, golf clubs, ropes etc. We can’t remove all these items from our availability.

I don’t pretend to be intelligent enough to have the answers to the problems I only hope it doesn’t cause the eventual loss of one of the freedoms that was granted to the American people by our constitution and bill of rights.

Norm Haase