Thank you school board members


The month of January is the traditional month set aside for School Board Recognition Month, a time to recognize those members of our community who choose to serve in this capacity.

Like all schools in our state, North Central Area Schools has had its share of not only attempting to understand the many acts of “progressive” legislation enacted by our elected officials in Lansing but, more importantly, interpreting these as they directly relate to educating our students and how they impact a district financially.

School board members serve what many call “the toughest volunteer job in America.” It is through the thorough review and decision making of our school board members that make working in this system so rewarding.

I am honored to join others in recognizing Larry Moilanen, Nick Pipkorn, Nancy Whitens, Connie Marsicek, Ray Luft, Jessica Naser and Klara Grondine as they provide the necessary direction, dedication and civic responsibility that make local control of public schools in our community possible.

Don Palmer


North Central Area Schools