Remember When?

It looked like a scene from the movie, “Dr. Zhivago” in this postcard photograph taken in the winter of 1922 following the devastating Gladstone Opera House fire. The opera house burned to the ground on Jan. 23 of that year. This opera house was not the first one in Gladstone. The McWilliams Opera House located on the 800 Block of Delta Ave. on the second floor of the Sam Goldstein’s Dry Goods store and a saloon, was built in 1888 and was destroyed by fire on May 3, 1901. Its replacement was a brick building, pictured below, on the corner of 7th and Delta built about a year after the first was destroyed. According to the Gladstone Centennial History Book, the front of the building was occupied by two small stories with the Masonic Lodge above. The auditorium occupied the remainder of the building. Ceilings of the theatre were 25 feet high and the balcony circle seated 168 people. The main floor seated 465.