American control


If the NRA is paying a lot of money to revamp their image after Sandy Hook, I can’t imagine how much the pharmaceutical giants are paying to keep their names out of it. It seems as though every time someone shoots a bunch of people they always seem to be hopped up on some sort of pill with aggressive side effects. No mention of that in the media though. It’s the gun’s fault, we need to ban them. Or is it violent movies and music? Yes let’s censor them as well. Ridiculous, grow up and live in reality. Why are we so obsessed with having every little aspect of our lives controlled?

Making something illegal will not necessarily make it magically disappear. The war on drugs is the biggest example of how feebleminded and ignorant that way of thinking is. Drug use is not a criminal issue, it is a health issue. The same way gun violence has less to do with availability of guns, and more to do with America’s fantasy that there are no bad people in this world, (except in the Middle East of course) and inanimate objects. Quentin Tarantino, and violent music is to blame. Reality and truth are 10 times as violent, brutal and unforgiving as anything you have or ever will see in a movie theatre.

Do not forget, the most terrible mass murders in history were committed by madmen, except they had an excuse. They were governments. The Holocaust, Armenian Genocide, massacre of Mayan Indians in Guatemala, Mao’s China, and Stalin’s Soviet Union, the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and let’s not forget the genocide of the Native Americans. All were killed by government, and most unable to defend themselves due to “gun control.” In the 20th century alone over 260 million people were killed by Democide, or state sponsored murder; death by government. If anyone needs to be disarmed it’s the state, not the people. Do not tread on us.

Zach Pelletier