Gun hysteria


To say that guns kill people is like saying forks make people obese. Neither addresses the underlying cause(s).

In my opinion, the corporate media is exploiting the tragic death of children and bombarding us daily with gun ban hysteria to promote fear and empathy so that our corporate U.S. government will not only be able to win support in its efforts to eventually ban all guns and ammunition, but ban our authority over the government, which we created to defend our rights, liberty and property.

Our founders were well aware that if citizens were not armed, they would be at the mercy of tyrannical monarchs, dictators and state or religious governments. Without the 2nd Amendment, how would you defend yourself, your family, property, state and the nation. Do you think tyrants will give you rights, liberty, equality, justice and freedom.

Where are the debates about the sociological root causes of crime, a society in decay, the lack of Judeo-Christian values, of morality, disassociation, self-esteem, mental health, and who teaches our young people right from wrong. Who argues that our children are being desensitized to violence and death by the media consistently promoting violent movies, music and games, or that both illegal and prescription mood-altering, anti-depressant, etc. drugs play a role.

The government did not stop drinking during Prohibition. It has not stopped illegals from entering the country, or the use of illegal drugs, and a ban on guns won’t stop mass public shootings. The black market always exists, and does armed guards in schools mean that we leave churches, malls, day-care center, supermarkets and Wally-World unprotected. Gun free zones only mean that the area is safe for the perpetrator, not the victims.

The nation was founded on violence, built on violence, and it exports violence in the form of weapons and war.

It’s amazing how we have the uncanny ability to address effects, but not causes, and after all these centuries of accumulated knowledge and wisdom, man is still a predator.

Ralph Zierk

Rapid River