The money comes from taxpayers


After hearing Lance Armstrong’s pick-and-choose confession to Oprah Winfrey, the only thing that really upset me was the fact that the U.S. Postal Service invested $280 million in the U.S. Cycling Team.

Why are taxpayers sponsoring sports teams of any kind without any approval of you and me? Isn’t the Postal Service surviving on a shoe-string budget and facing drastic cuts?

The idea that our government has spent over a quarter of a billion dollars on the sport of cycling is a complete travesty, even if we could somehow afford it at any point in history.

But I thought about this nonsense even deeper. Our four branches of the military have invested over a billion dollars in advertising on NASCAR racing teams over the last several years. Who, within our idiotic political system, gave approval to this unbelievable waste of money!? As taxpayers, we are spending money that we don’t have on the war in the Middle East and somehow still find enough leftover money to fund NASCAR racing teams?

What concerns me is the fact that politicians want to cut social programs for the elderly and the poor, but never address this blatant waste of taxpayer funds. Am I the only one screaming out loud from my easy chair? And to think that funding for the victims of Hurricane Sandy is even a debatable topic is far below any God-fearing person’s moral compass.

Any American citizen that is not outraged by this nonsense probably believes that the U.S. government should sponsor The Dallas Cowboys. It is absolutely absurd that our political system frowns upon it’s own working poor and homeless while throwing millions of dollars at meaningless sports teams.

What happened to “In God We Trust”?

This sort of irresponsible spending is closer to “The Devil is in the details”!

But as a taxpayer, this devil doesn’t represent me in any way and, most certainly, never will.

Daniel VandeWiele

Bark River