Gun control won’t impact law abiding citizens


I have owned rifles and shotguns since I was an adolescent and have gone hunting almost every year. Nothing in the proposed gun control legislation would prevent me from continuing to enjoy doing so.

It makes common sense to me to have a universal background check on gun buyers that purchase at gun shows, online arms stores and between private individuals. Currently, a giant loophole exists that allows any terrorist, convicted felon, or mentally ill individual to purchase a gun without any background check.

Congress needs to reinstitute a ban on military-style assault rifles, and restore a 10 round limit on ammunition magazines. I was drafted into the army during the Viet Nam War and trained on the M-16. The civilian equivalent is the “Bush Master.” The type of rifle used in the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Conn. A rifle firing so quickly that one little girl was shot 11 times. There is no reason to have this type of military weapon for private use in a civilized society.

Nothing in the proposed gun control legislation proposed by President Obama would have any effect on law abiding citizens who want a hunting rifle or a handgun to keep at home. The laws, if enacted, would not stop every mass killing. However, I firmly believe it would stop some. If it prevents one, how can Congress not act!

Richard Johnson