A view on climate change


Inauguration Day 2013, many on the right are in somber moods and hanging black crepe. Some are downright angry and have been since Nov. 6, 2012! Did not Fox News tell them that Mitt would win in a landslide? Be cheerful, as Mitt really never wanted to be president anyway! Mr. Tim DeClaire’s letter of Jan. 19, 2013, finds him insulted by Robert Archambeau in his critique of letters written by Mr. Matthew Gay, who has his own agitation and aggravation over President Obama’s recent election to a second term.

One would not have thought how those on the right would become so ultra-sensitive and have such easily bruised feelings. Robert presented a rather solid argument to both the political and scientific ramifications of this climate change debate. I am of the opinion that we ignore this climate issue at our own peril and that of future generations.

Mr. DeClaire is quite forceful in having “empirical scientific data” in supporting a position. He cites as his source the impressive and prestigious sounding Oregon Institute Of Science And Medicine (O.I.S.M.), however this institute is also known as Arthur Brouhard Robinson’s farm in rural Oregon.

Art Robinson is an extreme right winger with a colorful and checkered history and is one of the leading climate change deniers. Art is a biochemist who has admitted he did no research of his own into any climate related issues. Much of his funding comes from the gas, oil, and coal industries, many of his cohorts were former defenders of the tobacco industry in their problems past. O.I.S.M. is a 501(c)(3) organization and has many collaborative associations with many other right wing fossil fuel promoting and funding organizations. In 1999 Art Robinson (O.I.S.M.) presented a position paper that was signed by thousands of so called scientists, out of this large group only 30 had any climate science related experience. This paper has been debunked, discredited and has never had any type of peer review ever. This paper has been given much credence by the Fox Network though! Art Robinson has made many outrageous statements about public schools, Social Security, Medicare, etc. A sample of his views on nuclear waste, dump it in the oceans or better yet sprinkle it all over the USA evenly? He’s made the claim that this nuclear waste may have health benefits? Art is a Tea Party favorite and has run for Congress twice and was defeated and plans to run again in 2014. Mr. DeClaire’s letter includes the words “completely bogus” and they certainly apply to Art Robinson and O.I.S.M. And since Mr. DeClaire is opposed to pseudo science will he be asking Art Robinson and O.I.S.M. not to include him in their donors list?

Hard work, thrift and other virtues are not the exclusive domains of those on the right, however a love of money coupled with amnesia and lack of vision are rampant on the right when it comes to the good stewardship of this earth. Thanks Ted Janke, wisdom for the ages, feed the good wolf.

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners