Remember When?

Photo courtesy of Joyce Kasemodel

Job’s Daughters are pictured in this 1946 photograph taken during an installation ceremony. Taking part in the installation were: from left front, Hon: Dan Anderson, Mrs. Erickson, unidentified, unidentified, Shirley Fournier, Joyce Nichols, Anna Mae Loveland, ? Harrell, Carol Waworka, Joyce Kallio, Jane Peterson, Joyce Erickson and Mrs. Bartlett; back row, unidentified, unidentified, M. Hanson, B. McCormick, Alice Nelson, Marjorie Gustafson, M. Leingh, Nancy Peterson, unidentified, unidentified, B. Feldstein, and Barbara Nichols.As a “messenger” at the time, Kasemodel said messenger wore white robes and knelt on the floor and formed the sign of the Cross and all prayed the Lord’s Prayer.