No climate change proof offered


In response to Mr. Morrison’s 1-28 letter. You got me! Evidently, I am ultra-sensitive, have easily bruised feelings, am associated with the leading climate change deniers and somehow I even am included on their donor list. What you failed to do, was provide any proof that climate change is anything but an unproven theory. You also failed to prove your assertions about me. You did a fine job of twisting my words and pointing out everythig but the facts regarding global warming/climate change. FYI, I cited the OISM as “a” source, as it was compiled into a readable document for non-scientific types. I was not my only source. Maybe you could Google the inventor of the Weather Channel and see what his views are or check on some Wall Street Journal articles on the subject. I really enjoyed reading your attack on the OISM. What I did try was an attempt at dishing out to Mr. Archambeau, what he was dishing out to Mr. Gay. It’s just plain wrong to state something as a fact when it is not.

Tim DeClaire