Winter weddings have their perfections and their pitfalls

ESCANABA – Winter weddings are so white and wonderful.

Gentle lacy little snowflakes, red velvet gowns, candle-lit tables, valentine centerpieces – It’s so romantic.

Most people think of weddings as being summertime things. June brides are beautiful, but winter weddings are usually more memorable.

I so vividly recall my Aunt Rita’s and Uncle Roger’s wedding. I was their flower girl. To a 6-year-old, a red velvet dress, white fur-trimmed muff with a doll’s head on it, and a fluffy hair band around my curls was pure heaven.

My younger brother, Mike, was the ring bearer and he was cute as a button, too, even though he dropped the ring off the pillow. Someone in the congregation picked up the ring from under the pew and quickly handed it back to him.

The red ribbons, candles and corsages that decorated Rita’s wedding were saved and recycled by my mother. Every Christmas for many years after that, she adorned our archway with Rita’s wedding ribbons and our table with the candles.

Winter weather at the time of winter weddings sometimes can make things interesting. I’m told that at my aunt’s wedding, their best man got bumped off his flight from Chicago to Escanaba. So my Uncle Bob was forced into the tuxedo intended for the best man. To this day, my family still laughs about Bob’s socks showing out from his much-too-short pants. The best man was a shorter, rounder fella and Bob was tall and thin.

My Aunt Sandy got married in November – before deer season of course. An early winter snowstorm almost stranded her fiance in St. Nicholas. But thanks to some helpful snowplows, the groom got to the altar and the rest is history.

Our family is fortunate to be celebrating a wedding this weekend for my niece, Kristy Rose, and Joe Johnson. It seems like only a few years ago that I held Baby Kristy. I am her Godmother and her neighbor.

Now it’s time to make sure everyone has shoes haircuts and hand bags for the wedding. From the bridal shower to the wedding cake, so much preparation goes into a wedding.

Someone may say “awful wedded wife: instead of “lawful wedded wife.” Someone may drop a ring. Someone will get lost. Someone will forget their shoes. Someone may get nervous. And some women may cry. But the cameras will click. Memories will be made.

Another nice thing about winter weddings is how cozy and romantic it is to cuddle on a cold U.P. night. Winter weddings can rekindle sparks.

Blessings and best wishes, Kristy and Joe.

Karen (Rose) Wils is a lifelong north Escanaba resident. Her folksy columns appear weekly in Lifestyles.