Carlson donates his ‘wooden nickel’ to City of Gladstone

Courtesy photo

Robert Carlson of Escanaba, who discovered a “wooden nickel” distributed in 1937 to commemorate Gladstone’s Golden Jubilee, shows off the souvenir after it encased in a wooden frame, courtesy of Carlson’s neighbor, Douglas Ahlin. The “nickel” isn’t real, however, it bears a resemblance to a $5 bill. Issued in June 1937, it was printed on flexwood, which is birdseye veneer with a canvass backing, and was supplied to the Golden Jubilee Committee by Birdseye Veneer Co., of Escanaba. According to Carlson, the frame can be mounted on a wooden base for display. He recently donated the framed nickel to the City of Gladstone.