Climate change. A senseless debate


Is climate change a reality? Certainly it is. Is human behavior the cause? Certainly not. I have been following the letters to the editor on this topic and find the comments and claims that are being made to be the result of very poor knowledge of the history of this earth we live on or the recitation of political talking points that have no basis in fact but are the results of playing to agendas that exist only for the financial (Al Gore) or theoretical (eco-environmentalist) values that may result. Mr. Gore has profited handsomely from his books and speeches on the topic and the eco-theorists have advanced their claims on the basis of fear mongering.

Since the beginning of time the climate of the earth has changed. This area that we live in was once covered with warm tropical seas. There is evidence to be found in the presence of ancient creatures whose remains were left in the limestone rocks that are common to the area and the evidence of the ice age is certainly hard to deny.

Human lifetimes are far too short to allow us to observe the change of a tropical sea to one of ice but we can observe the more subtle changes that occur in one’s lifetime. I have kept a record of the conditions of every summer since 1961. I did this to enhance my trout stream fishing and as I read those records I find that water levels tend to fluctuate every 10 to 12 years with the lowest of 1964 rivaling our present conditions. Temperature ranges are also cyclic. We are very slowly transitioning from cold to warm conditions over a longer period of time. There are many reasons for these changes including the position of the earth in relation to the sun and even the activity on the sun itself. What is not responsible is the amount of CO2 discharged from coal burning electric plants or automobile exhaust. The amounts of discharge from these activities is miniscule when compared to one natural phenomenon such as a volcanic eruption.

Environmentalists, politicians, and environmental activists have seized on the natural change in the earth’s climate as a whipping boy and to hold it before us as a reason to accept their beliefs and way of life. It is becoming far to expensive for us to continue to believe their rhetoric.

Climate change is a real phenomenon but it is normal and we cannot change it so we might as well accept it for what it is.

G. Dale McNamee