Views on climate change


The Jan. 31 letter finds Mr. Tim DeClaire explaining his reasons for a former letter as, “an attempt to dishing out to Mr. Archambeau, what he (Mr. Archambeau) was dishing out to Mr. Gay?” Also, something about not being factual, though Mr. DeClaire does no elaborate? Mr. DeClaire claims “enjoyment” of my “attack” on O.I.S.M. I only wish he would have used stronger and more virile language such as withering, blistering, savage, etc when describing my critique of O.I.S.M. and Art Robinson. Mr. DeClaire’s letter of Jan. 19 used this dubious institute, O.I.S.M. to bolster his argument about climate change. He then adds more dubiety in this recent letter, suggesting “I check on some Wall Street Journal articles on the subject?” No specificity is offered on what articles, the authors, are they in a science section, opinion pages, features, etc? The Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch (Fox News) however. I did the Google search on the Weather Channel’s “Inventor,” one John Coleman, who graduated from the University of Illinois in 1957 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. John Coleman along with media titan and billionaire Frank Batton (Landmark Communications) launched this enterprise. Coleman led this venture in its first year and then went on as a weatherman in many parts of this country, including Good Morning America (ABC). Coleman is another who has done no climate research or study and is not regarded with having any scientific acumen. The Weather Channel is now owned by NBC, the Blackstone Group, and (Mitt’s outfit) Bain Capital.

Mr. DeClaire cited as a source O.I.S.M., “as it was compiled into a readable document for non-scientific types.” I will only add this document may have been produced by non-scientific types. I made no attempt in my former letter to prove or disprove the climate change question. I did render an opinion that we ignore this issue at the peril of ourselves and generations to come. I made no assertions nor did I twist any of Mr. DeClaire’s words. I gave as accurate an account on O.I.S.M. and Art Robinson as I found the facts to be. The readership is more than capable to explore and decide any and all positions in the climate debate. Many on the right are ultra sensitive with easily hurt feelings when their ideology is challenged and confronted. And yes Mr. DeClaire you did associate yourself quite broadly with the leading climate change deniers, (O.I.S.M. – Art Robinson), your go to guys in your Jan. 19 letter. I did not say that you were a donor to O.I.S.M., but stated would you ask not to be included on their donor list? Please read carefully. A bit of insensitivity was also shown by Mr. DeClaire in his Jan. 19 letter where he stated “if you are afraid of rising sea levels, move to higher ground.” I wonder how people on the East Coast would view this statement when considering the events of Superstorm Sandy, and loss of life, property, etc! I doubt they would have the cavalier attitude you display.

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners