Today’s Special: A New Day

MENOMINEE – The inspiration for today’s article came from a framed photo hanging in a local business establishment of two daughters sitting on either side of their mother. In the photo behind the three was a daily menu on which was written, “Today’s Special: A New Day.”

Many people consume their lives reliving the past or dreaming of the future. They often overlook the day that they are in. What if they would just focus on today and earnestly work to make this day a great one?

How does a great day start? It begins with you, and by that I mean your attitude. You and only you can do it. Let’s look at some new suggestions in how to begin your day positively

1) The minute you open your eyes, think of something good. By good, I mean to establish a positive mindset on your outlook for the day. For example, decide to smile at everyone you encounter or greet them pleasantly.

2) Mix up your routine. Why not start your new day with planning to change your routine? The night before, plan a new route to work, or an early breakfast at a restaurant that you haven’t been to.

3) Set out your clothes the night before and you’ll have that extra few minutes of time to do something different for the start of your day.

4) Something Special. Plan to do something special for just one person and you’ll experience what a positive difference it will make for not only you, but for others around you.

5) As soon as you awaken begin with positive thoughts. Focus on these thoughts minute by minute. It will take more time and energy because you have to concentrate, as it is easier to have negative thoughts. The realization and self-awareness that you are in a negative thought process is monumental. This understanding of yourself is instrumental in altering your attitude.

6) Prayer. For those who pray, why not start your day with prayer. It places the mind in such a positive, refreshing, calming mode.

7) Tell your loved ones often how much you love them; you can never say it enough. You’ll feel great and so will they.

Yesterday is in the past and we know that we can not change it. We can’t worry about tomorrow, because it is not here yet. Today we can change.

Dan Paul is the administrator at Menominee Catholic Central Elementary School. His columns, which explore family relationships, are published monthly in Lifestyles.