No vote urged on school millage


Vote no on Gladstone School levy Tuesday, Feb. 26 again. The voters of the Gladstone School District voted a majority no on the 18 mill levy a few months ago. The school board has ignored the voters and wants to trick voters by using a special election. The election illustrates the lack of accountability by spending thousands of dollars for the special election.

They are praying for bad weather to allow the special interest school employees who will get over 80 percent of the money for wages and have far more voters due to an expected low voter turnout. Should you not make it to the polls, you will need to wait another unheard of nine years to vote on this issue again. Why should the school district be guaranteed income for another nine years when the taxpayers have zero guarantee of any future income.

Taxpayers must live within their income and adjust their budgets to stay on budget. The school board claiming they are getting less state funds is another deception. Who do they think the state gets their money from – could it be the taxpayers? Gladstone School District wake-up as the county, state and our country have rampant unemployment. There are more people on welfare and food stamps than the history of our country. Putting this issue back on the ballot is a crime against the freedom of our country as school districts and all government begging needs to learn the meaning of the word no? I challenge our politicians to eliminate this option by schools and only allow one attempt to run similar issues. “No” should mean the same as “yes” and only need to be said once. Maybe we need a best of seven series to keep the voting field level. Mark your calendar and make time to go vote no Tuesday, Feb. 26.

Tim Caron