Climate change debate


“The mark of a free man is that ever-gnawing inner uncertainty as to whether or not he is right.” Judge Learned Hand 1872-1961. A few comments on two recent letters by Mr. G. Dale McNamee and Mr. Matthew Gay. Both men say climate change is happening, both men say humankind has no influence on this event. So perhaps G. Dale is correct, “a senseless debate?” I would like to discuss a few points in G. Dale’s letter. First his diary, journal, dossier on the water levels of his trout fishing streams that he has recorded for the past 50 years. Would he be willing to have these records scientifically reviewed? Or at least share this information with other trout enthusiast? Going to G. Dale’s ending sentence, quote “climate change is a real phenomenon but it is normal and we cannot change it, so we might as well accept for what it is.” As I read this statement I had this unusual visual of Mad Magazine’s, gap toothed, irreverent, enfant-terrible, Alfred E. Neuman – (What Me Worry??).

I believe Mr. Matthew Gay may have played the trump card in this debate, at least in this paper’s letter section? Mr. Gay brought in the big guy and the creation story, maybe the end, finis, lights out in this climate debate? I would direct the readership to Mr. Gay’s last sentence. Quote “I know, I know…now I’m just a bitter American clinging to my Bible and guns!” Apt and well said!

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners