Emotional factor, not facts


The emotion that people put into the subject of climate change is very interesting.

The emotional factor, not facts, is what drives the issue. We have studies that look at how the world’s climate is changing but what we do not have a good handle on is how much this emotional (not factual) topic is being used by the government to regulate and by scientists to reap more dollars for continued studies on a topic that have yet to defined.

Does anyone remember in the 1970s when the mantra was global cooling and the coming ice age which was going to make the earth uninhabitable.

Now it is the warming mantra and it is being used by everyone to push change and regulation onto an unsuspecting public.

From the last two letters we have gained some substantive information but it is still lacking all the information. I agree that we don’t see the whole picture of earth’s climate shifts that have occurred over centuries if not millenniums. We see only our recent history and then we think that we know it all.

As for the last writer and his statement that ocean levels have risen 12 inches I found it hard to believe as it would’ve made some cities (Venice) completely unlivable.

Fact check is that ocean levels have been rising every since measurement have started in the 1870s.

Since that time until the 1960s, ocean levels have risen 0.06 inches per year. In the 1960s to present the rate has increased to 0.11-0.13 inches per year although the rise is not global.

Please fact check at,_1870-2008_(US_EPA).png

Also the assertion that volcanos are not as prevalent as previous centuries I would also like you to fact check something that is not well covered, Underwater volcanoes, which are now just being discovered and watched. Please reference this website

The fact is we don’t know what is causing climate change and until we do, running around giving the government more charge over our liberties, in the name of saving planet Earth (which I love as God’s creation),is a very dangerous attitude.

Do web searches before you make up your mind on whether fossil fuels and mankind are totally at fault and that we can even make a difference with the measures the government wishes to push upon us.

Remember that we as humans produce the deadly carbon dioxide as does the fermentation process of all the alcoholic beverages we enjoy…it’s not just cows.

One other interesting factoid. Tropical plants have been found under Arctic ice. How do you explain that one?

Carol Kolinsky