Millage passes for Mid Peninsula Schools

PERKINS – Voters in the Mid Peninsula School District voted to approve a renewal of 18 mills during a special election Tuesday. The proposal, which failed last November will provide the district with about $837,000 a year for operating expenses.

“We’re very happy. We’re certainly thrilled and grateful that we have such support from the community,” said Superintendent Mary Brayak.

The proposal passed by 180 votes, with 292 votes cast in support of the measure and 112 votes cast against it. Voter turnout was 27 percent.

Under the proposal the district will levy the statutory 18 mills on all property except principal residence and other property exempt by law. The 18 mills represent $18 in taxes on each $1,000 of taxable value.

The millage is a renewal of two existing millages. The majority of the millage, 17.5669 mills would have expired with the 2013 tax levy, and .4331 mills are needed to restore millage lost as a result of a reduction required by the Michigan Constitution of 1963. The 18 mills will be renewed for 20 years, from 2014 to 2033.

The millage is necessary for the district to receive the state’s per pupil foundation allowance. Because the proposal passed, the district will collect roughly $837,369 in 2014 between the state’s contribution and funds raised by the millage.

“We have a wonderful school here at Mid Peninsula and we couldn’t be happier,” said Brayak.

When the proposal was first introduced during the November General Election it was defeated, receiving 411 votes against and 351 votes in favor of the proposal.