Facts and climate change debate


I know, I probably write too many letters to the editor, but I have finally been “moved” to do so. After reading G. Dale McNamee’s letter in the March 4. Press entitled “Liberals come out.”

I realized that Dale was having an editorial war with Jim Morrison based on Right-Wing politics vs. Left-Wing politics with absolutely no facts that support either side’s argument!

Their debate pertains to climate change. Well here goes guys and I’m not going to take either side of your political views.

Here’s the facts: In 1972, the same year that Nixon went to China to lure Mao into a form of free enterprise, 3 million tons of carbon dioxide fell from the sky in the form of acid rain. 40 years later, the estimated carbon dioxide that fell to Earth in the form of acid rain was 720 million tons, the majority of it coming from China who have little or no environmental policy.

Six out of every 100 people in China drive a car daily in a nation that has 1.43 billion people. In 1972, over 99 percent of the population traveled by bicycle. And let’s not forget that in 1972 there was only state-run industry. Now, China supports more pollution-causing industry than the rest of the world combined with virtually no environmental policy that anyone is aware of.

If we add the growing percentage of consumers from India (population: 1.1 billion people) who are driving cars, scooters, etc. and the ever growing industries that spew waste into the air without conscience, we get a fairly clear picture as to why the world’s scientists all agree that we cannot continue down this path without inevitably destroying the Earth’s climatic balance.

Is this really a political argument or is it a matter of common sense observation? To argue this topic in a political arena rather than a scientific arena is simply irresponsible.

Conversely, we should be using politics to bring awareness to this issue for a sensible means to an end.

Daniel VandeWiele

Bark River