A Tale of Two People

MENOMINEE – The object of this article is to compare and contrast two people. It is intended to give you a moment to pause and reflect. The problem of success vs. family spans all social and economic barriers.

One person’s days and weekends are being consumed by work from early morning to late in the evening. Time that should be taken to mold appropriate choices/behavior in the children falls to the wayside. Opportunities to have and share precious experiences are lost forever.

In contrast, another person also works, but is not consumed by it. There is a balance between work and time with the family. Time is taken to model appropriate behavior techniques with the family and to share special occasions and events. If you share similarities with the first person and you would like to change, the following suggestions may help:

1) Assess where your priorities are – success or family.

2) Cognizant – awareness of the allocation of one’s time is paramount to the understanding and control of this drive.

3) Prioritize – Do a time study of your day, days, and week. On paper you can truly account for your time and you can visually see the amount of time spent at work or family.

4) Reassess – After a time you begin to automatically allocate your time, always take time to reassess

Hopefully, you can take the time and assess your priorities. The suggestions that have just been mentioned may be a start for you. Remember, time flies like a blink of an eye and you cannot recapture it with your family. You have been given and entrusted with a special gift, a family, and He would want you to do this.

Dan Paul is the administrator at Menominee Catholic Central Elementary School. His columns, which explore family relationships, are published monthly in Lifestyles.