New sculpture coming to Escanaba

ESCANABA – For the fifth year in a row, the Bonifas Arts Center will be able to place public art in the community; the center has plans for adding a sculpture in Escanaba this summer.

Bay College has selected a piece by Tom Rudd from Calumet. The new sculpture is one in a series of limestone wings. A single piece of limestone will be used to sculpt a hummingbird wing. The piece will be nearly six feet in height and will balance on a point at the base; fitted with a stainless steel shaft, it will be able to swivel.

Bay College will place the piece in the inner court yard, where it will be able to be viewed from several different locations within the building, including the Besse Center. Installation is expected to take place in June.

This is the fifth year public art has been placed in the community. Previous pieces include Rich Branstrom’s “Red Deer” in Ludington Park, Ryan Brayak’s concrete sculpture in Gladstone, Rich Branstrom’s “Eagle” at the Delta County Courthouse and Dale Wedig’s “Benches” in the Arts Center’s garden.

“Placing a piece at Bay College is very exciting,” said Mollie Larsen, the Arts Centers director. “We hope to be able to continue to place artwork around the area for the next several years.”

The competition has spun off several other pieces being installed as a direct result of previous submissions. A standing wire sculpture of Ryan Brayak submitted in the first year was picked by and placed at Bay College and a Petunia Tree by Marquette artist Earl Senchuck, also submitted the first year, was subsequently placed at the DDA’s Center Court.

The Arts Center is in the process of preparing a public art walking tour brochure as a part of its celebration of Escanaba’s 150th birthday. It will include the pieces mentioned above along with other public art pieces and murals throughout Escanaba. This brochure will be available in June in time to accompany the city’s celebration and the Arts Center’s companion art exhibit.