Don’t eliminate wrestling from Olympics


I was both shocked and appalled when I learned wrestling had been eliminated from the 2020 Olympics. Are they kidding? I recently looked up information about Olympic wrestling on the Internet. From what I could find, wrestling has been a part of the Olympics since the modern Olympic movement began, it was actually part of the early Olympic Games in Greece in 708 BC.

There are many sports that are not embedded in the tradition of the Olympics that were not removed. Why was it necessary to remove any sports? If we had too many sports why were the following sports added in the first place: synchronized swimming (included 1984), badminton (introduced 1992), taekwondo (added in 2000), golf (2009) and rugby (2009)?

Wrestling in the Olympics is the dream of many high school wrestlers today. If wresting is removed from the Olympics in 2020, their dream is over. Unlike sports such as football, basketball, baseball and hockey which have the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL after college, wrestlers just have the Olympics.

If you feel Olympic wrestling should not have been cut from the Olympics I urge you to do something to help the movement to get wrestling back into the 2020 Olympics. Things you can do include: “Like” the Save Olympic Wrestling Facebook Site, sign the petition to save Olympic wrestling at, and share this information with others in hopes they might do the same.

Sheila Sanville