State fines Bark River contractor $10,000

LANSING – A Bark River contractor was recently fined $10,000 and ordered to pay more than $100,000 in restitution for state code violations on a home he constructed in Rapid River.

Jason Bradley Ives, 33, owner of North Country Construction, has been under scrutiny by the Department of License and Regulatory Affairs for more than a year.

In a document dated Oct, 31, 2011, the department’s Bureau of Commercial Services filed a formal complaint against Ives and his business, North Country Construction.

The complaint stated Ives failed to comply with several building and occupational codes regarding a Rapid River home he partially constructed for Bonnie and Jim Anderson of Milwaukee. The complaint also states Ives failed to perform all the terms of his contract and failed to account for monies he received to build the house.

In a disciplinary action ruling last month, Ives was found in violation of occupational code and rule violations on the home. The state licensing agency fined Ives $10,000 and revoked his contractor’s license. He was also ordered to pay $104,680 restitution to the Andersons.

Ives has been the defendant in recent court cases with convictions in Delta County and upcoming trials in Menominee County.

In Menominee County, Ives is being tried on two separate cases involving alleged scams. He is charged with two counts of being an unlicensed residential builder and two counts of larceny by conversion.

A jury trial is scheduled to start May 14 regarding the construction of a home for Jim and Jeanette Andersen of Bark River. Another trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 12 regarding a home-remodeling project for Cole and Misty Nehring of Hermansville.

In Delta County last May, Ives was convicted of two counts of larceny by conversion $1,000 to $20,000 for not refunding down payments made by two separate parties on the same home. He was later ordered to spend two concurrent six-month sentences in Delta County Jail. He was also ordered to pay $14,000 restitution and $14,656 in fines and costs.

In Delta County last July, Ives was convicted of one count of larceny by conversion $1,000 to $20,000 for embezzling $7,000 from a couple who paid a $30,000 down payment on his residence and gave him $7,000 to build a garage there. He was sentenced to eight months in jail and ordered to pay $37,000 restitution and $198 in fines and costs.

In a civil case filed in circuit court, Ives’ wife, Jennifer Ives, was ordered in September to pay the couple $15,000 towards the $37,000 restitution. Last December, a judge ruled in favor of a Delta County couple who had countersued Jason Ives for a $5,000 down payment he owed them in regards to a home the couple decided not to buy from him. Ives had attempted to sue the couple for up to $25,000 in alleged damages to the home they had lived in for 10 months. His lawsuit was denied by the court.

To date, Ives has been ordered to pay a total of $24,854 in fines and costs and $160,680 restitution to victims.