Why spend tax dollars on foreign aid?

This letter was written to President Obama and also sent to Senator Levin and Stabenow and Representative Benishek.

– – –

Speaking as a registered Democrat, and one who voted for you in both 2008 and 2012, I am appalled and upset to learn that you are still spending my tax dollars for foreign aid on other than humanitarian needs around the world. Is your “foreign aid” included within this “sequestration” of $85 billion? If not, it certainly should be included.

I have never heard and read about so much bickering about reducing the budget over $85 billion dollars; I really have grave doubts that Washington can ever, nor will ever, eliminate the current debt without tax increases of 16.2 Trillion dollars.

Instead, the USA will just go bankrupt, devaluing our dollar by 50-75% to wipe out the debt, and we shall look like many of the European countries.

My Representative, Dan Benishek, upon my request, informed me that in 2012 you gave to the top five recipients the following foreign aid: Israel ($3.075 billion); Afghanistan ($2.327 billion); Pakistan ($2.102 billion); Iraq ($1.683 billion); and Egypt ($1.557 billion) – a Muslim country, many whose citizens would like to see we Christians dead. Why Israel?

Please explain the logic, rational, including wisdom of you giving the above stated foreign aid to those countries when our nation is slowly drowning in $16 Trillion of national debt.

Also, please explain why your new Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry is in the Middle East, other than to introduce himself, is, also, there handing out foreign aid. Why? Must we buy our friends through dollars?

As I have said before, the USA might offer humanitarian aid due to famine, flood, drought, or medical needs but not for any other reason!

I really scratch my head and wonder why the USA offered financial assistance to Iraq and Afghanistan when the USA considered them to be filled with people who wanted to kill Americans? If such be the case, why did the USA not offer food assistance to North Korea, whom we were told borders on the starvation level of existence, though their political philosophy is totally contrary to ours? Compassion and humanitarian needs don’t have a political border. Right? Or does the USA speak out of both sides of its mouth at the same time? Actions speak louder than words.

Can you furnish me with some logical and rational explanation of your actions? Term limits must apply to all elected offices in Washington!

Robert Gifford

Rapid River