Boes goes bold: Former resident in Doritos commercial

LOS ANGELES – A trip to buy coffee resulted in a spontaneous trip from Los Angles to Texas and stardom in a commercial for one former Escanaba resident.

Former Escanaba resident Roarke Boes was out buying coffee when a crew from Doritos asked him to fly from Los Angeles, Calif., to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference and Festival and to star in a Doritos Bold commercial.

“They picked me and it really was ‘now or never’ as they say in the commercial,” said Boes in an email, adding he didn’t even have his car keys with him that morning.

Boes was not the only person that Doritos representatives asked to leave Los Angeles to attend SXSW. However, after screening out other potential candidates, Boes was selected to represent the company in its commercial.

“They wanted someone normal, not an aspiring actor, which can be more difficult than you’d think in L.A.,” said Boes.

After filming a few shots of Boes being chosen, he and the Doritos camera crew boarded a plane and flew to Austin. Throughout the trip, Boes was filmed eating Doritos.

“I ate a great many Doritos. For the purpose of the shot, I had to open fresh bags and eat just the first few chips before they’d switch angles and I was handed yet another unopened bag to crack open,” said Boes, adding he ate more Doritos that day than he usually would in a year.

Once in Austin, Boes introduced rapper Ice Cube on the Doritos Bold Stage, chatted with Chuck D of Public Enemy, and spent time with LL Cool J – who wanted to meet with Boes after hearing about his spontaneous trip to SXSW.

Because LL Cool J was the last performer of the night, Boes met with the rapper backstage following the show and after the performer had cleaned up – around 2 a.m., the two discussed LL Cool J’s upcoming record and Boes’ journey to SXSW.

“He thought it was funny I left my girlfriend waiting in my apartment, sleeping, when I chose to leave it all behind and head to Texas for 24 hours,” said Boes. “I asked him to get me off the hook and record a personal apology to my girlfriend, Janet. LL complied and was very genuine. I think I may have set the bar for future apologies too high though.”

The commercial has been viewed more than 150,000 times on YouTube since it was posted March 15 and can be seen at

Boes works for a company called ZEFR, which manages movies, sports, and music clips on YouTube. For him and his production team, the Doritos experience may not be over.

“The production team here at my company is planning to shoot a parody follow-up this month. It’ll find me a month later, my life ruined as I struggle to satisfy my Doritos addiction which has cost me my job, girlfriend, and dignity,” said Boes, adding the parody video will not be affiliated with Doritos, but will be a response to the advertisement.