Celebrate the area’s progress

It’s time to celebrate the good things that have happened in our area. In today’s Daily Press we are doing just that.

In today’s paper you will find our Progress edition – Sections C and D. This is a project we do every year and we consider it one of the most important messages we send to the community.

The Progress edition speaks for itself. It’s a look at some of the progressive things that have happened in our area – developments that have made life better for the community as a whole and the people who live here.

In today’s edition you will find stories all corners of the community – from health care to real estate to what area residents are doing to help preserve the community’s rich history. One of our Progress stories maps how some area businesses are coming together to promote themselves and Escanaba’s downtown. Another story takes a look at the new Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital which is scheduled to open its doors this spring. Another article documents the development of the Garden Wind Farm energy project and what it has brought to the area. There are many more stories that show how our area has moved forward in the past year.

Perhaps it is more important that ever that we celebrate our community, ourselves and our achievements. The past several years have been no picnic for this area or the rest of the country. Like the rest of the country, we were hit hard when the economy slipped. We are not out of the woods yet. In hard times, though, it’s even more important to focus on the positive and the area’s efforts to make this a better place.

Celebrating the positive, not dwelling on the negative, is something we all to often forget to do.