Our past and our future


Our past history is extremely important regarding our future. I am very much past history long before the days of TV – no wonder I am old, but I still have a good memory and am also wiser!

Today our generation is extremely concerned for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Why? Our present administration and Congress are spending money we do not have and printing money which de-values our dollar making it of little value. Why are they allowed to get away with this and all of the lies?

I do not have any bias against anyone’s skin color, believe me our Lord made us all and loves us all. I am old enough to remember a dictator named Hitler and he told his regime if they told the same lies over and over the people would believe them!

His regime tried to conquer Europe and England and exterminate the Jewish people. Millions were thrust into concentration camps where they were worked to death, starved to death, and gassed to death.

Our country formed an alliance with England to stop them from being bombed into oblivion by Germany. By the grace of God our troops finally overthrew Hitler’s army and in 1945 we reached the concentration camps to release those still alive and declared VE Day May 8 (victory in Europe). This was World War II. My husband is a veteran of that war.

Several years later I had surgery performed by a doctor named Adam Brish – a Jew. He showed me the No. branded on his arm as a little boy of 7 that survived. What horrible stories he had to tell and also try to forget because of the lies of a dictator. We cried together.

Today our secular society is trying and sadly succeeding in throwing our 10 Commandments and God out of many of our schools, courthouses, and other government agencies. If only these commandments were obeyed how different our nation would be. None of us are perfect. We are all sinners – that is why Jesus gave his life on the cross for us so if we would believe and repent we would be forgiven by his grace and enjoy our eternity in heaven with him.

We need to pray day and night for our leaders to stop this insanity of destroying Christianity and our country. The separation of church and state was made not to protect us from religion, but to protect religion from the government.

Rejoice in hope – endure in affliction – persevere in prayer. Romans 12-12

I love our beautiful city of Escanaba and the USA. Our country needs God. It is a necessity.

L.E. Ness