Support available for caregivers


Here is some useful information for those interested who are primary caregivers of aging parents. I am a former caregiver since my father passed away on Aug. 19, 2006. My father and I struggled with the storm inside our home with misunderstandings between reason and irrational. I wasn’t even prepared for the challenges I had to work with to keep my ailing father home. My father and I managed to pull through and come out of the storm together. He died quickly and unexpectedly which met his wishes. I was surprised I couldn’t even relax after his death and funeral. I stayed stressed until 2007 when it started slowly breaking up. Then after 2008 a second layer started to thin out.

There are legal, family, medical, financial, and personal issues that needed to be delt with. To many of us caregivers, it has been overwhelming. My mother passed away from what was believed to be stress related in 1997. I am thankful for the few who helped me with these difficult situations. In January of this year I finally found a sharing support group who write posts letting us know we are not alone. It all began with an Ann Landers column mentioning the little known group of members. It suddenly became a national challenge. The group I am referring to is ‘CAPS’ short for Children of Aging Parents. I joined at no cost the online support group reading postings from members past and present. It finally did the long overdued finishing touches of my return to normal living. I am thankful for the ongoing support from this group. My recovery would have been in order had I known earlier about CAPS. I thought I’d share this with the local caregivers who could use this online road and group support right from their homes at their own convenience. Caregiving has become the fastest growing unpaid profession in America. In the USA, 24 percent of households now has a caregiver. That percentage rate is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

Their online homepage is at By phone they can be reached for info at 1- 800-227-7294. A infomational brochure is available from CAPS by writing to: CAPS, P.O. Box 167, Richboro, PA 18954

Michael Labre