A dangerous highway


I and my husband want to add our voices to Paul Neumeier’s concerns about the Gladstone death trap areas. There are two spots as everyone who travel from Rapid River through Gladstone on into Escanaba knows it’s a very dangerous track of highway. Tom and Barb were our friends, and they will be missed by so so many of us who knew them. But its comforting for us to know, that God’s word tells us in Ecc 12:7 “And the dust returns to the Earth as it was, and the Spirit returns to God who gave it.”

So Tom and Barb are safe at home with our Lord. Please pray for their family and other friends as they are the one’s who will need them in this tragedy. Whoever the people are who can solve the problem of these deadly hot spots on our highways to do something now.

Escanaba has a deadly hot spot also. Years back I wrote the editor about St. Francis Hospital. There is only one entrance in and out, and only a few feet apart, both entrances coming onto our busy highway. Now with Menards (so busy) and those other busy businesses right across from OSF entrances, its an accident area waiting to happen. No flashing warning lights caution hospital entrance ahead. And OSF could make going to their facility safer for us all, and so easy. They have two existing roads of 30th, all they need to do for us to use them, is cut out the curbs, and we could drive right in. Please I hope you readers will write to the editor to support letters for these dangerous hot spots mentioned by Mr. Neumeier and myself, maybe it will help open deaf ears of the people who have the clout to solve these serious problems in both towns.

Verlynn Anderson