Support for libraries


Here I go again feeling compelled to stand up for another privilege we all have expected would last forever. First the U.S. Postal Service and now our public libraries.

In this economy the libraries have been hit hard with loss of funding – while at the same time the economy has created increasing its usage.

These are a few of their services: free tax preparation, meeting rooms that are free of charge to nonprofit organizations, free Internet, electronic material that can be downloaded free of charge, community education presentations, children’s programs, teen and tween programs, art programs, just to mention a few.

I cannot remember learning to read. I only know that reading was all I ever really wanted to do, and I cannot envision a world without books.

The very sight of shelves and shelves of them gives me an inestimable feeling of satisfaction.

Books from my childhood are friends on the shelf – I visit them again and again.

The world turns. Time keeps flowing relentlessly. Technology surges on and on and I still cling to bookstores and libraries.

Thank you all who support public libraries.

Constance Lorenson

Rapid River