Delta Avenue Renovation project


According to the Gladstone City Manager, my husband, Gary, and I are the only two people who have come forward to question the Delta Avenue Renovation project.

We are the only people who believe narrowing the road, putting in boulevards and no longer removing the snow will pose a danger to the citizens and more difficult access to the downtown area. We are the only people who think the city needs to take more time to look at all the ramifications of the project. There are many that object to the assessment, but have not voiced their opinions. The city wants Gladstone to be a “walking” city.

I personally prefer to walk the park not Delta Avenue. I do not believe the city has looked 10-20 years into the future, considered U.P. winters, considered long-term goals or studied the traffic hazards for Delta Avenue or the upkeep of the weeds.

There will be a public hearing at the city hall on April 22. We have been told the city has not yet given the final approval for this project, even though it was scheduled to start on April 29.

Please if you have an opinion for or against, make your voices heard not only to the city manager but to the council members and DDA members.

This can be done by email, phone, letter or showing up at the meeting.

We have talked to neighbors, city residents, and many of our clients. We have received not one positive reaction to this project. Some think it is a waste of taxpayer dollars; some think you “can’t fight city hall”; Some think the city doesn’t care and just do what they want; some wonder why this project is being done. Some have told us we will be targeted by the city by raising questions. Most just shake their heads.

Stand up citizens and let the city know how you feel, or they will just keep on making decisions for you.

Kathy Maynard