Swaying public opinion


I feel it necessary to respond to another article in your paper. This time, it’s the “Local Head Start loses $150,000” article that appeared in the April 10 issue of the Daily Press.

Oh, when will we ever get an ‘unbiased report of the news in this paper? Listen, the $150,000 was only 5 percent of the entire budget allocated to this group. 5 percent, a mere 5 percent, and they chose to approach the newspaper with a report on how badly they were being hit by this. “Oh woe! 254 kids and their families will have to bite the bullet! Panic!. OMG!. This cannot happen!. Kids will be hurt, families torn apart.”

Well, what is chosen to do with the ‘cut’ in budget handed to a group is their business. If they choose to hurt the children and their ffamiliesin an effort to sway ppublicopinion, that is ‘their’ choice to make. And make no bones about it, these days if you are being ‘cut’ just throw the words, “Jobs” or “Kids” in there. Add a bit of ‘they will starve’ and the word, “Republican” – and bingo – you have an instant brew of public scorn against whomever you wish.

So, the agency was cut 5 percent. Y’know every single tax paying body and person receiving money from the state or federal is going to have to bite the bullet in order to get this country back on spending track – a balanced budget. Here, a group has 5 percent of its budget cut. What about the other 95 percent of its budget, which, if you do the math amounts to much, much much more than a mere $150,000. And yet this group chose to put the entire debt crunch on the kids. I am so sick and tired of groups doing this. It’s simply a ploy to try and sway public opinion.

If you don’t see it this way – tough. You’ll gripe enough when they come to cut whatever you like in the world. Folks always do. “Cut that other guy’s paycheck, leave mine alone!” “Yeah, something must be done!. Tax the rich!”

Listen, in closing let’s do this. take 5 percent of the other 95 percent of the budget and put it on the kids and cut something else in your program. You know, like.. Oh, I dunno, your golden parachute – or your “guaranteed” new vehicle and service, the paint on the washroom walls – whatever. But why do you always put the kids on the chopping block in an effort to sway public opinion.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, in this country is going to have to take a bite out of the sandwich!. Do you see anyone ‘offering’ that their entitlements be cut to help the country? Absolutely not. A bunch of greedy folks, and it makes me sick.

Edward Stacey