Opposition to gay marriage


Alongside a multitude of important and most critical issues, we find ourselves as a nation today in the midst of the most pivotal place in time with a potential decision on gay marriage by the Supreme Court. Are we willing to tolerate legalizing same sex-marriage that has the power to fundamentally change the structure of society? The term marriage is based in an issue of biology, simply the merging of two individuals as one; the result is the ability to use God given power which is procreation.

The act of two uniting in marriage is biologically the reason we maintain the circle of life. This is the plan.

Obviously and traditionally there can be no other way biologically speaking for procreation to occur other than between a man and a woman. Any other way for procreation is an alternative way through medical intervention. Existing today in what we can call our “advanced” society, many have actually forgotten the true reason for the union of husband and wife as that of replenishing the earth. This is a biological truth, whether we like to admit it or not.

If we must redefine the term marriage, does a redefinition of the terms “husband and wife” then come next on our agenda? How can we then define the terms “mother and father”? Are we aiming for a completely gender-less society in the name of equality and rights?

If we become a gender-less society by definition then what are we to term the basic unit of society, which is the family? It seems like a great confusion of gender and roles that will also confuse our youth as to the familial unit.

The definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman has its basis in biology. History has shown that societies have been based on the family unit since the beginning of humankind, when men and women bonded together for mutual love, protection, and survival, not just individually but for the species as well. The creation of a family unit helps to bind together tribes, clans, villages, towns, etc; once that cohesive bond is weakened, the links of the family unit start to break apart.

Paul Walker


Schoolcraft County

Republican Party