Cub Scouts take part in Pinewood Derby

ESCANABA – Cub Scouts from the Red Buck Scout Sub-District participated in the Pinewood Derby Finals held at Riverside Chevy Garage in Escanaba. Riverside owner Greg Bink and his staff cleaned out their garage, set up bleachers, and decorations, provided a lunch room all day, and arranged race car displays.

Jerry’s Body Shop and Pro Auto Body again sponsored the trophies which were made locally at Bertrand’s Sport and Award.

Nearly 90 Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos 1 and Webelos 2 Cub Scouts had a great day of Pinewood Derby Racing.

The winners are as follows:

Tiger Cubs: 1. Reese Korhonen, Pack 445 of Bark River (Cubmaster Bill Schmidtt); 2. Carter Hampton, Pack 402 of Manistique (Cubmaster Randy Espinoza); 3. John Soderman, Pack 471 of Gladstone (Cubmaster Jason Barron); 4. Ben Shiverski, P-445; 5. Luke Bracket, P-471; 6. Shawn Krumery, Pack 411 of Escanaba (Cubmaster Paddy Fitch); 7. Weston Smith, P-411; 8. Hunter Schmitt, P-445; 9. Elliot Henderson, P-411; 10. Chris Haines, P-471; 11. Jonas Cretens, Pack 488 of Rapid River (Cubmaster Joe Wilson); 12. Landen Lakosky, P-402; 13. Andrew Hurtibis, Pack 414 of Escanaba (Cubmaster Chuck Reule); 14. Miles Anderson, P-488; 15. Roman Zeise, P-414; 16. Everett Belanger, P-488; 17. Owen Labadie, P-411; 18. Kyle Olsen, P-402,

Wolves: 1. Jonah Frizzell, P-471; 2. Brandon Maki, P-402; 3. Frank Carlson P-471; 4. Alex Ziemba, P-402; 5. Evan Peacock, P-414; 6. Kirk Slater, P-402; 7. Luke Shiverski, P-445; 8. Cooper Helmam, P-471; 9. Christopher Van Court, P-411; 10. Jeffery Latsch, P-445; 11. Skyler Maher, P- 445; 12. Rielly Huskey, P-411; 13. Brenden Davis, P-411; 14. Evan St. Peter, P-414; 15. Jonathan Wienert, P-414.

Bears: 1. Anthony Liss, P-414; 2. Wyatt Johnston, P-471; 3. Noah Schwalbach, P-471; 4. Rory Schroeder, P-414; 5. Terrell Rowley, P-411; 6. Danny Groleau, P-411; 7. Andrew Bracket, P-471; 8. Tyler Powell, P-402; 9. Lucas Weber, P-402; 10. Stephen Weinert, P-414; 11. Saul Smith, P-445; 12. Logan Kahl, P-411; 13. Blake Espinoza, P-402; 14. Blake Erickson, P-445; 15. Justin Frisk, P-445.

Webelos 1: 1. Max Hall, P-445; 2. Erik Soderman, P-471; 3. Kye Paarni, P-445; 4. Logan Albrecht, P-471; 5. Joey Stein, P-445; 6. Jesse Pepin, P-411;

7. Spencer Hampton, P-402; 8. Zack Reule, P-414; 9. Evan Peterson, P-471; 10. Derek Douglas, P-414; 11. Ashton Hutchinson, P-402; 12. John Knight, P-414; 13. Scotty Burton, P-402.

Webelos 2: 1. Kyle Van Enkenvort, P-445; 2. Thomas Claycomb, P-471; 3. Lennon Cookson, P-402; 4. Hunter Taavola, P-471; 5. Alex Williams, P-471; 6. Braden Lindquist, P-411; 7. Vincent Micheau, P-488; 8. Austin Kleiman, P-445; 9. Brendan Slater, P-402; 10. Joey Gavelek, P-411; 11. Adam Rose, P-445; 12. Lucas Gendron, P-488.