Suspect to be tried for crash

MENOMINEE – A Gladstone man is scheduled to go to trial next fall for allegedly driving drunk on a motorcycle he crashed in 2011 in Menominee County, causing serious injury to his passenger.

Steven Dennis Parrett, 43, was arrested on July 25, 2011, after he crashed his motorcycle on County Road 577 in Menominee Township at 12:27 that morning, according to Michigan State Police who investigated the accident.

Parrett’s sister, Tracie Lee Peterson, 46, of Menominee, was a passenger on the motorcycle and was later found in the ditch. She was seriously injured in the crash and was air-lifted to a hospital in Green Bay.

Parrett was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, causing serious impairment of a body function. The felony carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. He was released from police custody after serving one day in jail.

Parrett is scheduled to be tried on the felony during a two-week trial Oct. 15-25 in Menominee County Circuit Court. Prior to the trial, a hearing to consider motions has been scheduled in circuit court for July 12.

According to the Eagle-Herald newspaper, testimony during Parrett’s preliminary examination in district court last month revealed Peterson was critically injured in the crash. She is currently unresponsive and receiving total medical care at a nursing home in Peshtigo.

Testimony also revealed Parrett had been driving drunk with a blood alcohol content of .20 grams. A reconstruction of the accident showed Parrett’s three-wheeled motorcycle traveled 475 feet off the roadway including 48 feet and 11 feet the vehicle was airborne.

Police testimony stated Parrett said at the accident scene that he was the only one on the motorcycle. Officers later found Peterson lying injured in a ditch.