Taking away our vote


Well, the legislative majority in Lansing has decided to decimate our most precious and unalienable right: the right to cast a ballot. Last week Mr. Casperson introduced Senate Bill 288, a plan that contains a $ 1 million appropriation allowing the Natural Resources Commission’s political appointees to designate which animals can be hunted. That $1 million removes the wolf issue from the fall ballot. Moreover, with the new emergency management law, the “manager” appointed by the governor, will disband city commissions and school boards, both of which are determined in legal elections with ballots cast by you and me.

But, here is the most disgusting attempt of all and the most dangerous. At the last Michigan Republican Convention, they overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution in support of a plan that would change how the state awards electoral votes in presidential elections. If accepted, this action would have divided electoral votes primarily based on winners in individual congressional districts. If this would have been law,

Romney would have won nine electoral votes, compared to Obama’s seven. Now, you may say no big deal, but it is a huge deal. Currently, our popular vote in Michigan decides how our electoral votes are awarded, as it should be. The Republican attempt would have made our Presidential Election a mockery. It is clearly a low down cheaters way of winning.

Voting is a sacred right in this country, and our forefathers shed blood to ensure this right would be protected. Since our founding, the United States has had 18 Republican presidents, 15 Democratic presidents, four from the Democratic-Republican Party, four from the Whig Party, one from the Federalist Party, one from the National Union Party and two from the Independent Party. Thus, the Republican Party has elected three more presidents than the Democratic Party. But, the loss of the presidency in the 2012 election is stuck in their craw, and they are desperate to change the playing field. The Republican Party’s creed is the same as the Toddlers Creed, penned by Dr. Burton L. White: “If I want it, it’s mine! If I give it to you and change my mind later, it’s mine! If I can take it away from you, it’s mine! If it’s mine it will never belong to anybody else, no matter what. If we are building something together, all the pieces are mine! If it looks just like mine, IT’S MINE! If it breaks or needs putting away, it’s yours!” The obvious issue here is that there is far more at stake than toddler’s toys. What is at stake is the vote of the American people, yours and mine.

Democracy is government of the people. They define it as government of some people, by some people and for some people. Mr. Casperson and his cronies are without honor and are a disgrace.

Gerry Niedermaier