History comes to life for Jones students

Dorothy McKnight | Daily Press

Students from Northern Michigan University visited Jones Elementary School in Gladstone on Tuesday and presented a program entitled “Michigan History Follies” to the students. Pictured during their presentation were: from left, Alycia Heckathorn and her puppet Red Ned, Emily Kinne, Jacob DeLong, Ansley Valentine, and Shane Vincent. Utilizing a grant received from Theater For Young Americans, the NMU students presented an original play telling the story of how Alex (Shane Vincent) has one day to do his Michigan history project. But before he can finish, two time-traveling bandits, Madonna (Alycia Heckathorn) and Red Ned steal it and make a time traveling escape. Alex sets off to catch them using his time machine prototype to travel through time in a whirlwind of adventure and history. Along the way, he meets up with Native Americans, the Kellogg Brothers, Motown artists, Henry Ford, the captain of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and Thomas Edison, and, in the process, discovers how cool Michigan history really is.