Sale of mall pushed back

ESCANABA – A foreclosure sale of the Delta Plaza Mall has been adjourned.

The sale, which had been scheduled to take place Friday at the entrance of the Delta County Courthouse, has been adjourned for one week, according to a notice posted at the courthouse.

The sale is now scheduled for 10 a.m. on May 3, but is subject to further adjournment.

The adjournment was granted in Delta County Circuit Court on Monday. The motion for authorization to adjourn the sale was made by plaintiff and creditor Dougherty Funding LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. The defendants and debtors in the case are Rubloff Delta, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company, Illinois banking corporation Freedom Bank, and individuals Gerald H. Weber Jr., Ronald E. Swenson, and Robert S. Brownson.

It has also been ordered that Dougherty Funding may adjourn the foreclosure sale of real and personal property for one week at a time by posting a notice of adjournment on or before the scheduled date and time of sale in the courthouse, Escanaba Public Library, and Escanaba U.S. Post Office.

In January, Delta County Circuit Court entered a money judgment in favor of Dougherty Funding and against defendants Rubloff Delta LLC, Weber, Swenson, and Brownson. The judgment amount was not paid in a timely manner and on Feb. 22, circuit court entered an order granting the plaintiff’s motion to sell the land and personal property.

Amicus Management of Grand Rapids was appointed manager of the Delta Plaza Mall property in August 2012, when the court appointed them as receiver at a motion to appoint receivership submitted by Dougherty Funding.

In March, Ross Pope, senior project manager of Amicus Management, said Amicus will remain manager of the mall and that no tenants within the building will be affected. He said under Amicus Management, the mall has made some positive repairs to the building in an effort to become more attractive to a long-term ownership group.