The meaning of marriage


In response to Mr. Sebeck. Why do those who want “gay marriage” always try and change the “biblical” history? Homosexuality, same-sex sex, whatever you want to call it, is condemned in the Bible. Sodom and Gomorra anyone? That is not really my issue. A lot of things that are considered wrong in biblical terms, are approved of by today’s society. Nothing that any of us “Bible thumpers” can do about that except stand up for what we believe. I, and millions of other Americans, do not condone homosexuality. If the states want to allow same-sex people to enter into a contract, then do it as a contract, not as a marriage.

Way back when, gay was a term used to describe something that was happy, joyous, party-like. Some time in the past, that definition was changed. Remember the Flintstones? “We’ll have a gay old time.” Did that mean they were homosexual? No. The “Gay 90’s” did not refer to anything sexual. So what I am asking is that the same-sex folks not co-opt the word marriage. If you argue that there are two different types of marriages, religious and secular, then call the secular contracts something else.

Our nation was founded on biblical principles. Get over it. Marriage is a religious venture. If you want a same-sex contract call it something else.

Tom Grant