‘The Drama’

MENOMINEE – “The Drama” is played out in homes, schools, work, on television, and the Internet. What is “The Drama?” It comes in many forms; but, to this writer, it is the negative embellishment of deeds, actions, and opinions of some people.

The intent of “The Drama” is not the uplifting of people; but quite the contrary. It is specifically designed to demean, demoralize, and devastate others. It makes the victims of “The Drama” look small and the person engaged in drama big in others’ eyes. Pain is the frequent result of “The Drama.”

So, why do people choose to use “The Drama?” It is about power and control of others’ lives. I have met many that emulate these characteristics. Maybe you have also.

So how can we change this? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Parents – Take the time to study your actions. Do you use “The Drama” during the course of your day? Model appropriate behavior with your children and call them to task with consequences when you see evidence of “The Drama.” When a consequence is given, follow through with it. Monitor, monitor, monitor your child’s actions with others.

2) Employers – You should be on the alert and take time to observe and listen to what your employees are saying or doing. Be proactive and have workshops on workplace ethics and behavior. Stress to your employees your expectations both verbally and in writing. Document negative behavior of an employee and include it in their performance evaluations. The performance evaluations should include a timeline for the expected improvement of the behavior.

3) People – The minute your friends or acquaintances begin with “The Drama,” confront them and ask them to stop. Tell them your feelings about what they are doing and that you don’t want to hear it in the future. If the person hears it from enough people, they may begin to change.

In conclusion, “The Drama” is very corrosive to any individual. You can take a stand and help to change “The Drama.”

Remember, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Dan Paul is the administrator at Menominee Catholic Central Elementary School. His columns, which explore family relationships, are published monthly in Lifestyles.