LaTulip to offer pottery painting class in Manstique

MANISTIQUE – If you have visited the Lake Effect Art Gallery or Mustard Seed in Manistique or taken the Studio Tour of the Garden Peninsula, you have seen the work of potter, Marsha LaTulip.

Taking inspiration from the nature surrounding her, LaTulip’s ceramic pieces showcase the scars and striking greys, blacks, and whites of birches; the blues and sand colors of Lake Michigan; and still other pieces carry the imprint of the cedars, ferns, and maples, which cover the landscape.

For over 25 years, LaTulip has worked with clay. Since she majored in psychology and human development at the University of Wisconsin, the life of a potter was not where she saw her life heading.

To her surprise, after taking a class in ceramics, she realized that working with chunks of clay to create beauty and functionality was what she wanted to do with her life and found another surprise when she visited a friend on the Garden Peninsula, discovering in this location’s natural beauty the area she has since made her home and now site of LaTulip Pottery and Tile Works.

Lake Effect Arts has announced that LaTulip will teach a “Painting on Pottery” class from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11, at The Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer, 314 Main Street, Manistique. Teens and adults are welcome as are those ages 10 to 12 if accompanied by an adult.

After demonstrating various painting techniques, LaTulip will assist as participants work. Each person will be able to choose from an appetizer tray, tiles, or a soup/salad size bowl.

All materials including Marsha’s handmade pottery pieces to paint on and other necessary materials will be provided as part of the class fee, which will be determined by the item each participant chooses to paint: tiles – $22 member and $25 non-member; bowls – $24 member and $27 non-member; appetizer trays – $38 member and $41 non-member.

At the end of the class, she will take the painted pieces back to her studio to be fired, returning them to the Lake Effect Art Gallery on June 16 for pick up. Having been kiln fired to 2165 degrees Fahrenheit, the finished pieces will be both food safe and functional.

Deadline for registration is Thursday, June 6.

Those interested may register online at or or may contact Mindy Asp (906) 450-5777 or Lucia Leonardelli (906) 283-2008 for further information.