At the polls ‘no’ should mean ‘no’


The Gladstone School District recent second February levy is an example of an issue where no does not mean no and the current system does not favor the owners of the schools, the taxpayers, but controlled by the school districts who can run a similar levy into infinity. There was a time when there was only one levy per year and a time when no meant no.

Over time the unions have made sure they can go on the ballot at least four times per year. In addition they have a Political Action Group few of you know about called Thrun (please google) who is a legal firm paid by the taxpayers consisting of 28 lawyers who most all school districts in Michigan use to keep putting issues back on the ballot. Taxpayers cannot use the same firm to repeal questionable unfair ballot issues designed to take advantage of multiple attempts and lower voter turnouts.

Taxpayers need legislation to put fairness back into balance. When the school board won’t represent everyone but their special interest – we need to go to our representatives. I wrote to Tom Casperson and Ed McBroom about this matter and got a letter from Tom who seems to think nothing is wrong and is unwilling to do anything to represent the taxpayers but business as usual. He claims it may usurp local voter control and the integrity of the current out-of-control system. I got a call from Ed McBroom’s office who claimed maybe 20 percent of registered voters should be a mandate in a second levy attempt but I don’t see any action plan.

The real solution would be a mandate that a second levy attempt must have the same number of registered voters as the previous levy or eliminate any second attempts – meaning no means no. The recent Gladstone February levy is a case study of abuse with only 8 percent of the registered voters voting.

Once a no voter votes no an issue should be over or the no vote carry over to the next election. School districts and Thrun want to make sure the turnout is low enough so special interest can control the results.

Casperson and McBroom need to address the root cause of the issue and represent the people who are struggling in the Upper Peninsula with major unemployment and increasing prices that only school districts and government employees “cradle to grave” can afford. Eliminate Thrun political action group and put fairness back into the election process. I would appreciate either Casperson or McBroom to defend why they cannot mandate something into law to put fairness back into the election process and not pretend there is no issue. We don’t need four more years of business as usual.

Tim Caron