Disc golf courses a good move for Delta County area

Like it or not, disc golf seem to be taking over Delta County. Over the next several months no fewer than four disc golf course are scheduled to open in Escanaba and the surrounding area. There’s much to like about disc golf and the planned courses. Hopefully, it will be an additional attraction that will bring people to the area, as well as giving area residents a new avenue of recreation.

Most residents probably didn’t know what disc golf is until the recent interest in opening local courses. Disc golf and regular golf are alike. However, rather than using clubs to place a ball in a hole in the ground, disc golfers throw discs into specially-designed baskets in as few throws as possible. The concept is the same as golf and the games have a similar scoring system as well.

Apparently disc golf has taken off in other parts of the country, but has been slow in reaching the U.P. Interest, however, has caught on fast.

Four courses are being planned here:

– one at Ludington Park

– two at Pioneer Trail Park

– one at the new John D. Besse Public Park to be located in Escanaba

Most of the funding for these projects is coming from donations from private individuals and fundraising. In that aspect, they are a true community projects.

Offering a new recreational opportunity in the area is always a good thing and the positive aspects of these projects are overwhelming. We are not the only U.P. community to travel the disc golf path. Marquette, too, will be the home of a disc golf course. There is even a Upper Peninsula Disc Golf Association. Interest is growing.

The sport does seem to be popular. With four courses being located here, lets hope interest continues and the courses see steady use from residents and tourists in the months and years to come.

If we build them, hopefully they will come.